Insulated Concrete Forms

With ICF’s the ridge is your limit!

The newest concrete form system on the market. ICF’s or known as Insulated concrete forms. This new home will have a finished basement. The system eliminates the need to insulate and stud the walls, sheet rock can be directly applied.




How much more expensive?

Roughly 10 percent over standard construction. This will be a finished basement so the stud wall and insulation is complete in this step. There is a “tie” 8” OC to screw Sheetrock to. Also these have a R-55 value. A home can save 10-15 percent on heating and cooling annually with a well-insulated foundation.


Do you always have to look at the foam or can you strip some of it off?

No…scratch coat and stucco application to the exterior. Give it a very clean seamless look.


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